Forum: Enforcement action against smoking carried out regardless of weather

We thank Ms Liu I-Chun for the letter, “Step up enforcement action against smoking on rainy days” (March 10).

The National Environment Agency (NEA) takes a strict stance against smokers who flout the law. Our officers actively check and patrol smoking hot spots, which include locations identified in public feedback.

Enforcement is also carried out regardless of the weather. In 2022, more than 14,000 tickets were issued by NEA for smoking in prohibited places, both indoor and outdoor.

Operators and managers of smoking-prohibited premises are required by the law to request smokers to cease smoking, or leave the premises if they refuse to stop smoking.

Smoking is currently prohibited in more than 49,000 premises, both indoor and outdoor. NEA encourages smokers to be socially responsible when smoking in public places, and not to light up in smoking-prohibited places. Friendly and timely reminders from family, friends and other members of the community can help to reinforce the right social behaviour and norms.

Tony Teo

Group Director, Environmental Public Health Operations
National Environment Agency

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