Forum: Enforce cycling speed limit at Rail Corridor

I am a regular user of the cemented Rail Corridor for evening walks. It stretches from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands, winding through several housing estates.

The only safety concern I have encountered is the cyclists who are speeding and using the Rail Corridor as an obstacle racing track. These cycling enthusiasts often race through the track, passing walkers at a high speed. They are protected with gear and helmet, whereas people walking on the corridor are not and, therefore, are more vulnerable to serious injuries.

Cycling paths have a speed limit of 25kmh, while the limit is 10kmh on footpaths. The Rail Corridor is not marked, and there are no signboards indicating the speed limit for cyclists.

If it is designated as a footpath and not a park connector, then the 10kmh speed limit should be enforced using either cameras or officers.

The Rail Corridor has become a popular and pleasant footpath for nature lovers to take evening walks.

For the safety of all users of the Rail Corridor, the authorities should enforce a speed limit of 10kmh.

Frank Lim Choo Beng