Forum: Empower volunteers to enforce safe distancing measures

I refer to the letters by Forum writers Alvin Toh (Close virus transmission loophole in public transport, March 30) and Liu I-Chun (Poor mask compliance on buses puts people at risk, June 19).

It may not be feasible to have full-time safe distancing ambassadors and enforcement officers patrolling every corner of Singapore, from parks and shopping centres to wet markets and public transport, to monitor violations of safe distancing measures and the mandatory mask-wearing law.

I suggest that the relevant ministries consider roping in members of the public to assist with the monitoring and enforcement of safe distancing measures.

These volunteers can be trained in the same way as safe distancing ambassadors, wear identification badges and receive token appreciation for their work.

These Singaporeans should also be considered as public servants, to deter people who violate Covid-19 measures from verbally or physically abusing them.

For instance, I have seen commuters not wearing masks or not wearing them properly on public transport. Currently, there is not much that one can do in public areas, besides moving away so as to avoid conflict with those who violate the measures.

I am sure many Singaporeans would like to step in to rectify an act of non-compliance with Covid-19 measures as long as they feel protected against possible retaliation.

Tio Boey

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