Forum: Efforts to make cleaning jobs easier for senior workers to continue

We agree with Mr Christony Lau Pet Keong's letter urging employers to leverage tools to make cleaning jobs easier for senior workers (Make cleaning jobs easier for seniors to do, Feb 19).

Today, there are schemes available to help companies in the environmental services (ES) industry with different needs adopt suitable tools to enable easier cleaning for our ES workforce, including senior workers.

This includes equipping the ES workforce with new skills to carry out their tasks more easily using better equipment. For example, cleaning companies can tap the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) administered by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to adopt solutions such as battery-pack vacuum cleaners, ride-on cleaning scrubbers and cleaning robots.

Companies that need consultancy support for job redesign to make jobs easier, safer and smarter can also tap Workforce Singapore's newly launched PSG-Job Redesign grant.

While some parts of the cleaning industry have adapted their operations for an ageing local workforce, we agree that more can be done to encourage service buyers and cleaning companies to adopt better equipment and solutions. NEA will continue to work with service buyers and service providers to make cleaning jobs easier for senior workers.

Meanwhile, let us all do our part by picking up after ourselves and binning our litter. Together, we can make Singapore a cleaner and more liveable place for all.

Dalson Chung, Director, Industry Development and Promotion Division

National Environment Agency

Safrah Eusoof, Director, Healthcare, Social and Business Services Division

Workforce Singapore

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