Forum: Each application for insurance underwritten based on the merits of that case

We thank Mr Wesley Loh for his letter, “Insurers and employers are not being disability-inclusive” (Nov 5), and are heartened to hear that the outcome of his insurance application was favourable.

The Life Insurance Association, Singapore and our member companies would like to assure members of the public that each application for insurance will be assessed and underwritten based on the merits of each case, according to each individual’s health-medical profile.

The principles and practices adopted by life insurers in assessing applications for insurance are applied to all applications and every type of health-medical condition, and each risk is subject to the same assessment process. This applies to both individual and corporate insurance.

Life insurers take seriously their responsibility to ensure that financial adviser representatives fully understand that every individual has a right to apply for insurance and that applications will be subject to the same assessment process. Financial adviser representatives are expected to adhere to this industry practice, and should not turn away applications summarily. Financial adviser representatives are regularly reminded to submit every insurance application to their life insurer for assessment.

Additionally, our member companies also train new and existing financial adviser representatives on servicing and communicating with persons with disabilities or special needs.

Our priority is to uphold the professionalism and integrity of the life insurance industry, ensuring that everyone’s right to apply for insurance is not compromised in any way. We advise consumers to reach out to life insurers if they wish to get more information or clarifications on this matter.

Lee Swee Kiang

Executive Director

Life Insurance Association, Singapore

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