Forum: E-mails with feedback were quickly attended to

Much as I sympathise with Mr Lim Wei Yang's situation regarding his neighbour's home alarm going off in the wee hours and the responses he received (Citizen feedback: Govt channels could be more responsive, Nov 13), I beg to differ.

Recently, I sent two e-mails that received quick responses.

On July 14 at 8.10am, I sent a long list of complaints and suggestions to my MP, Mr Heng Chee How. At 4.17pm, he responded and promised to look into the issues.

I have a torn meniscus and the only upright bicycle in the fitness corner beside my block is always occupied by residents from other estates and nearby condominiums that do not have such a facility. I have to wake up at 5am to use the bicycle.

Mr Heng not only paid me a visit but also kept his promise. Today, there is an upright bicycle newly installed nearby.

Other matters I raised with him were also looked into.

Last month, I contacted the People's Association (PA) regarding problems with my PAssion card, and EZ-Link on an auto top-up issue.

Both responded to my feedback - PA after two weeks and EZ-Link after two days.

I am very impressed not only with the responses but also the kindness and help I received from my MP, the PA customer service staff who advised and directed me to the appropriate channel, and also Ms Joanna Lim from EZ-Link, who ended her e-mail with "Stay safe in these difficult times".

This pioneer salutes all of you.

Julia Sng

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