Forum: Draconian mask rules are unrealistic

I read Mr Alex Yeo's letter with a mixture of bemusement and alarm (Have a 'no mask, no talk' rule while exercising and dining, Oct 9).

His views represent a strain of mask fundamentalism that is both practically unenforceable and frightfully draconian.

As we move towards living with Covid-19, our focus should be on ensuring our healthcare system has enough capacity to cope with an increase in cases, and not on suppressing the absolute number of cases.

People will contract the virus. Most will be fine. Some will die. That is the case with influenza, and part of life.

If Mr Yeo is worried about spreading the virus to others, I would recommend that he stay at home.

We have already put up with a significant number of restrictions over the past 1½ years.

Instead of proposing unrealistic and backward-looking solutions, the time has come to consider how we may further relax restrictions, over a reasonable period of time.

Simon Huang Minghui

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