Forum: Don't take fun out of learning, education

People tend to blame social pressures for the faulty belief that academic success is derived only from high exam scores, structured learning and well-known schools (Parents' mindsets on education have changed since minister's time, Sept 10).

Many parents thus have the notion that academic success is best achieved by enrolment at popular schools and extra private tuition or enrichment programmes.

I believe our children don't find much fun in learning when they have structured learning all day.

Unless parents recognise that fun and inspiration are crucial to learning and cannot be achieved through incessant regimented routines, their children will suffer learning fatigue early in life and fail to become lifelong learners.

Parents need to let go of the need for supplemental regimented learning and let schools - no-name or popular - do their work.

Make learning a fun experience and children will want to learn.

Thomas Lee Hock Seng (Dr)

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