Forum: Don't remember mum only on Mother's Day

The annual Mother's Day celebration honours mothers as well as motherhood, the maternal bond and the influence of mothers in society.

Children have been making plans to celebrate this day, which falls on Sunday, May 8 this year, with their mother.

But my wife was agitated instead of joyful when our two married daughters told her of their plan to celebrate Mother's Day with a good dinner.

I was surprised that she rejected the planned celebration and was curious to find out the reason for her strong reaction.

My wife explained that she doesn't want a symbolic Mother's Day celebration but wants regular care and concern from our two daughters in her daily life.

She feels that our two daughters have not been showing enough concern for her lately.

My wife's reaction prompted me to think about the significance of Mother's Day.

Are children showing their concern and care to their mothers only on this day and not on other days when their mothers need them?

As Mother's Day approaches, I hope people will think about how they treat their mother.

Are they, in the midst of caring for their own families and pursuing their careers, neglecting their mother and remembering her only on Mother's Day?

It is important to spend time caring for our mothers when they are still alive.

It will be too late for regrets when they are no longer around.

Ng Choon Lai

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