Forum: Don't rely on scanned images to verify identity in online transactions

Now that there have been data breaches involving scanned images of identity cards or other important documents (MyRepublic data breach may affect over 79,000 customers, Sept 11), organisations that allow online or postal transactions based on such images or photocopies must seriously reconsider whether they should continue to do so.

The authorities that regulate them should also step in.

For example, it remains possible for utilities accounts to be opened by proxies who possess photocopies of the identity cards of the proposed account holders.

Some banks also appear to allow accounts to be opened or credit cards to be applied for by uploading scanned documents or sending photocopies of documents by post.

These organisations should insist on the use of Singpass, Corppass and MyInfo for online transactions, in addition to scanned images of documents.

Cheng Shoong Tat

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