Forum: Don't overcharge for takeaway containers

During phase two (heightened alert), many of us ordered takeaways from hawker centres.

From my experience, the stalls charge an average of 30 cents to pack the food in plastic or paper containers.

When I recently visited Hong Lim Market and Food Centre, one hawker stall charged me 50 cents for a simple styrofoam packet.

The Government already subsidises all the fees for table-cleaning and centralised dish-washing services for thousands of cooked food stallholders in hawker centres managed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) or NEA-appointed operators during the no dine-in period.

Moreover, the food containers hawkers use likely do not cost as much as what consumers are paying for them.

I am agreeable to hawkers charging us for food containers, but they should not overcharge.

Chan Kwang Ping

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