Forum: Don't let Ukraine war become yesterday's news

Tomorrow marks the fifth month of the Russian invasion of its neighbour Ukraine. As time passes, news about the ongoing fighting is being pushed into the background, and people are moving on to other things. Life goes on, it seems.

The war has not only damaged major cities and towns in Ukraine and killed or displaced hundreds of thousands of innocent people, but also created a global ripple effect.

The blockage of grain shipments from Ukraine has contributed to inflation that has moved millions into poverty and hunger.

Meanwhile, the cutting off of Russian oil and gas supplies has caused energy prices to soar, and for some countries to revert to coal-fired power stations. This is setting back decades of progress in global climate change agreements to the detriment of all humanity. Floods, fires and heatwaves are sweeping the planet.

As Russia continues to bomb Ukrainian cities and towns, I ask that the media not relegate this story to the back pages, but highlight its global impact.

I ask that countries opposed to the invasion continue with their support, and I ask that countries sitting on the fence realise the impact this unjustified war is having on their own peoples.

N. Varaprasad (Dr)

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