Forum: Don't let e-bikers risk their lives on the road

I agree with Mr Darren Nathaniel Cheong Jun Kang, who suggested that e-bike riders be allowed on footpaths (Roads may be too dangerous for delivery riders on e-bikes, March 29).

As a pedestrian, I can understand the frustration if many food delivery riders were to disrupt pedestrians' walk along footpaths.

But given the current situation, I have to agree that it is safer for e-bike riders to travel on footpaths, rather than put their lives at risk on roads.

Coincidentally, a food delivery rider, who was in the lift with me on Monday, told me that he was almost hit by a fast-moving bus while delivering food in the heavy rain earlier that day.

This was the second time he had encountered a near-collision in a month.

While it can be unsafe for pedestrians to share footpaths with food delivery riders, it is even more dangerous for riders to share road space with vehicles.

Heavy vehicles such as buses and lorries have more blind spots, and it does not help that e-bikes are usually even smaller than motorcycles, making them hard to spot for drivers of these vehicles.

Wong Boon Hong