Forum: Don't give repeat sex offenders the chance to re-offend

I read with much consternation and disbelief about Xavier Lee Wei Jie, who is back in jail after he molested an underage girl (Man, jailed twice over sex acts with minors, now back behind bars for molesting teen, Nov 15). He was jailed twice previously for sex crimes involving minors.

Is it time to consider having an official registry of convicted repeat sex offenders that is made available to the public?

Is it also time to consider chemical castration or other more severe measures for this group of recalcitrant offenders? Giving some of them multiple chances to reintegrate into society might just do more harm than good.

Victims of sexual assault can suffer trauma and lifelong debilitating effects.

What other safeguards and actionable initiatives have been put in place to assure the public that such repeat sex offenders will not be given another chance to destroy another person's life?

Chan Whye Shiung

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