Forum: Don't be too quick to dismiss concerns about foreign workers

Singapore's founding fathers had the foresight to know that the Republic is too small a country to allow any fault lines to divide its society, putting guard rails in place to ensure no one can use issues like race or religion to sow division.

Singaporeans have been able to live harmoniously for many decades.

Straits Times associate editor Chua Mui Hoong was spot on when she pointed out there is an emerging fault line in our society - between the lived experience of the governing and that of those being governed (The most worrisome fault line in S'pore, Sept 17).

I believe wholeheartedly that the Government is sincere in wanting to address any fault lines that can cause division in our society.

I therefore urge the Government to take a step back and re-examine its past conclusions on the concerns raised about foreign workers, and not be too fast to attribute these concerns to attempts to score political points, xenophobia or racism.

The current government has been pursuing a more open and consultative style of governing, but when feedback is categorised in such a manner, it may alienate people who want to give sincere feedback on their actual experience, which may well be different from those governing and setting policies.

Luo Siao Ping

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