Forum: Don't allow private firms to block book slots for badminton courts

It is well known that the badminton courts under ActiveSG are in high demand, and there are many people who want to play but cannot secure court bookings as the demand for courts exceeds supply, and the booking process is highly competitive.

Hence, it is puzzling that numerous slots are blocked weekly for employees of some private entities.

For example, at Heartbeat @ Bedok,

• Two courts are blocked every Friday from 7pm to 10pm for Huawei employees

• One court is blocked every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm for Wansheng Sports employees

• One court is blocked every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm for Promed employees

After subtracting courts reserved for basketball games, there are not many courts left for badminton.

Given that the badminton courts are a public good meant for the enjoyment of all Singaporeans, I hope that ActiveSG will discontinue the practice of allowing private businesses to block book the slots.

If their employees want to play, then it is only fair that they go through the same competitive booking process like everyone else.

Poonam Ishwar Dadlani