Forum: Domestic helpers need specialised training in caring for seniors

I refer to the article “Maid jailed 16 years for stabbing to death 95-year-old employer who spat in her face” (Nov 15).

This incident should be a wake-up call for Singapore and its ageing population.

It is about time for there to be regulations governing the level of training a domestic helper caring for the elderly needs to have, or customised training to equip live-in helpers to care for the emotional and physical needs of the elderly. 

It is a common practice to employ domestic helpers to care for the elderly.

But is it appropriate to put this responsibility on untrained helpers?

Are domestic workers equipped with sufficient caregiving skills for this group?

How about the mental health of these workers? 

This incident has made me realise that I, too, need to be prepared to hire a helper with healthcare training to care for my mother when the time comes. 

I hope that the authorities will look into solutions that protect the welfare of domestic
helpers who are already in a vulnerable position.

Letchimi Palanisamy

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