Forum: Does pandemic fear justify not helping others?

My wife and I left my eldest daughter, 14, to take care of her siblings aged nine and eight at the public library at Northpoint City last Sunday, while we went grocery shopping.

My daughter realised she had left her TraceTogether token and mobile phone at home.

She took the initiative to approach a tuition centre that she attends to ask if she could use their phone to contact us. A staff member there refused to let my daughter use the phone.

Three other passers-by my daughter approached also refused to help. She finally met a man who helped by calling me on his mobile phone, saying that my daughter was looking for me. I am truly thankful to him and appreciate his kindness towards three children in need.

The tuition centre staff member said later that the Covid-19 situation did not allow her to help my daughter.

I am not sure if this is a valid reason for people's reluctance to help.

Should members of the public be less caring just to safeguard themselves against the potential threat of catching Covid-19?

Chew Chee Keong

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