Forum: Do drivers need to verify if passengers are from the same household?

My 88-year-old father and I, together with our maid, had a traumatic Gojek ride on Monday when we were on the way to my father's medical appointment. We are from the same household.

The driver insisted that we had committed an offence by booking his vehicle when we knew there was a two-passenger limit.

He berated us (very loudly) throughout the journey, until we arrived at the Sengkang General Hospital medical centre.

He shouted that he would be fined by the authorities for flouting the two-passenger limit.

He accused me of proceeding to book a ride despite knowing the law on the two-passenger limit.

The Land Transport Authority and Gojek have reiterated that "the updated restrictions on group sizes will apply to taxis and private-hire cars to ensure that they do not carry more than two passengers unless they are from the same household".

Rides with more than two passengers are allowed if all are from the same household.

The driver did not give me a chance to prove that we are from one household.

This episode throws up a question - do private-hire drivers and taxi drivers need to physically check the addresses of passengers when there are more than two of them?

Taxi drivers, who can pick up passengers from street hails, might find this difficult to do.

The taxi driver we hired at the hospital's taxi stand, after my father's medical appointment, also did not verify our address details.

I am not bickering over the Government's measures in these difficult times - I think Singapore's leaders deserve kudos for their handling of the pandemic.

These are hiccups, though, that need to be addressed.

K. Ramakrishnan

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