Forum: Divide Caldecott site into single plots for sale to individual owners

It makes sense to develop the site on which Caldecott Broadcast Centre used to be into landed houses (Mediacorp's former Caldecott Hill home put up for sale, Oct 15). Caldecott Hill is, after all, a good class bungalow area.

The proposed subdivision scheme can accommodate 67 bungalows.

A public tender has been called, and I assume the redevelopment of the 67 bungalows will be by the sole developer that buys the site. Normally, a sole main contractor will eventually be appointed to build the whole development.

I wonder if both Mediacorp and the Urban Redevelopment Authority could explore putting the 67 subdivided bungalow plots up for sale individually. The individual buyers would then source and appoint their own team of consultants and main contractors to build their houses.

Instead of a sole developer, a sole team of consultants and a sole main contractor, this huge pie would be shared among many more consultants and main contractors, thus benefiting more people.

Also, as one huge development would be broken down into many smaller developments, consultants and main contractors from smaller firms would be more equipped to take on the projects.

In this trying time, smaller firms are finding it hard to survive, so this would be a great help to many of them.

Another pleasant outcome would be that most of the bungalows would be different as they would be developed by individual owners, rather than a sole developer that is likely to give all the bungalows in its development a similar look.

This will create a more interesting streetscape for Caldecott Hill.

With an arrangement like this, the tender exercise, sales, contracts, land tenure and so on would become more complex to administer, but I am sure this could be overcome for the benefit of more people.

Lim Ai Tiong

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