Forum: Disagreement over LGBTQ matters, ideas is not discrimination

The Ministry of Home Affairs is right to say that "everyone, including religious groups, is entitled to their views on different matters, including on LGBT issues, and to express their views, so long as they do not denigrate any groups of persons, and do not break any laws". (Town hall urges against repealing Section 377A without safeguards for marriage, families, July 25).

At the heart of debates over LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) matters are differing ideas about human nature. These have implications on a range of matters, including identity, relationships, communities, society and government.

The concept of gender identity rejects the link between a person's biological sex and identity, whereas the concept of sexual orientation redefines the relevance of one's biological sex to one's sexual or romantic relationships.

These concepts are at odds with traditional views of human nature which emphasise how the differences between men and women are important to one's identity and relationships, such as marriage and family.

Both sets of ideas have numerous consequences on law and policy.

Disagreement over LGBTQ ideas is not discrimination. There should be room for robust, honest and fair-minded discussion on such topics, without fear of being accused of bigotry or thought crimes.

Individuals and groups should be free to have and express their beliefs on sexuality, gender, marriage and family. Such freedom of speech is the lifeblood of a healthy democracy.

Darius Lee

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