Forum: Did maid who abandoned baby get help?

I am troubled by news of the 29-year-old maid who delivered her own baby, was arrested and has now been jailed (Woman jailed for leaving infant in recycling bin, Nov 6). There are two matters of concern:

• Mental and hormonal issues faced by pregnant women during pregnancy and after they have delivered

• Protection of vulnerable migrant workers

Mothers need support from family and friends, even in the most normal of circumstances. Maternal wellness has received more attention, particularly for women suffering from mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and up to a year after giving birth.

What help and support did this woman receive?

On the second point, did the trial and sentencing take precedence over a psychiatric assessment?

Is there a system in place with a holistic approach towards the welfare of migrant workers? Specifically, has this case fallen through the cracks, before and after her arrest?

The baby survived and we are thankful.

But where was the father of the child? The woman seems to have gone through the trauma alone. We may never know the full extent of her fear, anguish and pain, both physical and mental.

Ngauw Huey Yann

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