Forum: Deter speeding drivers from running red light

I refer to the article “Two cases of drivers running red lights in two days; schoolboy almost hit” (Feb 26).

Vehicles running red lights and speeding across zebra crossings without checking for pedestrians are incidents many pedestrians experience frequently.

I have been almost run down by cars zooming across zebra crossings and have had others narrowly missing me as I crossed the road junction because they were running the red light.

I have seen many drivers speeding at traffic light junctions or zebra crossings instead of slowing down to anticipate a change in lights or crossing pedestrians.

To make drivers slow down at these spots, I suggest adding speed strips before traffic light junctions and zebra crossings. These will serve as a reminder for drivers to reduce their speed to better avoid any accident.

Heavier penalties should also be imposed on drivers who run red lights, as well as those who pass zebra crossings without checking. The threat of demerit points and fines is clearly not enough for deterrence.

As Singapore moves towards becoming a car-lite city, and more people are encouraged to stay active, more pedestrians and cyclists will be using road crossings. More steps must be taken to prevent such dangerous driving.

Adam Reutens-Tan

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