Forum: Detailed information on Integrated Shield Plan insurers available on MOH and MAS websites

We thank Mr Tan Siak Khian for his feedback in his letter "Collate, publicise detailed info to help consumers in choosing IP insurers" (Nov 17).

Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA) and Integrated Shield Plan (IP) insurers fully support the need to be transparent to policyholders. We believe it is in the public's interest to have greater information transparency from all stakeholders in the healthcare value chain.

A comparison of IPs - which includes the policy contracts, premiums and benefits comparisons, and claims processing times for all IP insurers - is available on the Ministry of Health's website.

Insurers make their lists of panel doctors publicly available. Detailed insurer financials are published annually by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Consumers can now go to the LIA website ( for specific links to this information.

Together with other stakeholders, LIA and IP insurers will continue to work on improvements to make information more accessible and understandable. We will also enhance public education efforts so that policyholders are equipped to interpret the information provided.

Pauline Lim

Executive Director

Life Insurance Association, Singapore