Forum: Cyclists, PMD riders should slow down, stop and check traffic before using zebra crossings

We refer to Forum writer Kor Choy Yim's letter (Should PMD riders, cyclists dismount at zebra crossings?, Feb 10) on safe practices at zebra crossings.

We hope all road users can follow Mr Kor's lead to slow down when approaching a zebra crossing and be alert at all times.

While cyclists and personal mobility device (PMD) users are not required to dismount at zebra crossings, they, too, must slow down, and stop and look out for oncoming traffic before crossing.

This improves safety for themselves as well as for other road users, who can then better anticipate their movement.

Mandating that cyclists and PMD riders dismount at crossings could introduce additional risks, particularly for those with pillion riders or who are carrying loads. Seniors may also find it challenging if they must dismount repeatedly.

Safety is a shared responsibility and we need everyone to do his part to keep our paths and roads safe. The Land Transport Authority will continue to work closely with the community and other agencies to promote safety awareness and civic responsibility.

Chan Boon Fui

Group Director, Active Mobility Group

Land Transport Authority

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