Forum: Cyclists need to make their presence known to pedestrians

Not all pavements have bike paths built alongside them, so cyclists are put in a tough position: To cycle on the road or on the pavement?

On the one hand, cycling on the road creates stress for motorists driving on the left lane. Should motorists overtake the cyclist, or should they respectfully yet helplessly crawl behind, disrupting traffic patterns?

On the other hand, cyclists are also one of the most vulnerable groups on the road. It does not help that some barely know the Highway Code, endangering everyone.

Perhaps, then, the solution would be to cycle on pavements? While this option is undoubtedly safer for cyclists, pedestrians are at risk, especially on narrower pavements.

As an avid runner, I spend a lot of time on pavements and park connectors. One thing I've noticed is the number of cyclists who do not make their presence known. No "excuse me", no "on your right" and no ringing of a bell.

Often, I feel the breeze of a cyclist zooming past me before I even knew that he was near me.

This is very dangerous. What if I had decided to veer right at that moment? What if there had been something on the ground and I had moved slightly to my right? There would have been an accident.

I believe everyone would benefit from revising pavement safety rules.

Nothing wrong with an "excuse me" or a bell ring every now and then from cyclists. And for walkers, keep to the left.

Charmaine Tan Yee Ching

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