Forum: Critical that Singapore does well in the hunt for global talent

Singapore is now part of the global elite when it comes to attracting top international talent (S'pore's new work pass, a magnet for top talent, Sept 11).

The case for attracting top international talent is a compelling one. It is driven by the global emergence of an evolutionary growth paradigm, one that requires adopting more strategic, innovative, cooperative and generative approaches towards creative "talent solutions".

This is crucial if Singapore is to catapult itself into a higher growth trajectory as an innovation-driven economy.

Research also bears this out, with thought leaders pointing out that, in the global war for talent, being able to attract, develop and retain top international talent is now no longer optional, but mission-critical for innovation-driven economies.

The types of game-changing talents under the new Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass that many countries are jostling for are fine examples of the top international talent that can complement the Singaporean core and bring along with them valuable and transferable skills and know-how that can further augment Singapore's economic genome.

Singapore was built on migrant talents after all, and with the unabating global war for talent intensifying by the day, Singapore's continued success and relevance on the global stage will be contingent upon being open to, and attracting, top international talent.

Woon Wee Min

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