Forum: Create an area at HDB void decks for people to work in peace

Working from home has been quite disruptive.

Many people have small homes, and children disturb them while they are working.

Also, people end up working longer hours and have no proper time for their families.

The condominium I live in has created an air-conditioned library with Wi-Fi access and office furniture. It is well used by students and working adults who need a quiet space.

I propose that the Housing Board allocate a small area at each void deck that can accommodate six to eight sets of desks and chairs a safe distance apart, and partition it off to create a space for residents to do their work in a quiet environment that is close enough to home so that they can return to check on things.

It need not be air-conditioned; just provide fans and ensure the area is well ventilated.

If the space is abused by people who just sit there and read the papers or sleep, then have the residents of that block form a committee to take charge and implement conditions.

Mayur Vora