Forum: Corporate bookings take up less than 2% of facilities

We thank Ms Poonam Ishwar Dadlani for her feedback (Don't allow private firms to block book slots for badminton courts, March 22).

ActiveSG facilities cater to all members of the community and are also meant for the use of group activities such as corporate bookings and athletes' training sessions.

As Ms Dadlani has accurately pointed out, corporates take up only one or two courts and we ensure that enough courts are available for members of the public to use.

In 2014, ActiveSG introduced the ActiveSG corporate membership scheme to encourage companies to use sport to promote employees' health and well-being, and for team cohesion. On a monthly basis, corporate bookings take up less than 2 per cent of available ActiveSG facilities.

In addition to companies, other community groups, sport associations and schools also book our facilities for their needs. Collectively, group bookings take up 16 per cent of available slots.

We seek everyone's understanding of how sport can be used to meet the needs of different client groups, with a fair proportion of facilities still provided for the public.

S. Parameswaran

Deputy Director, Public Relations

Sport Singapore