Forum: Contractors must also play their part in making sure approval is obtained for building works

We thank Mr Raymond Tan Eng Teik for his letter, "Ensure that contractors are also responsible for seeking approval before erecting structures" (Aug 20).

The Micro Builders Association, Singapore, representing small and medium-sized (SME) contractors specialising in landed properties, understands Mr Tan's feedback.

Our members are fully aware of all of the authorities' requirements, and comply with the guidelines.

They will not accept any work that is illegal, as the risk of having their licences revoked would be very high.

The onus is on the home owners and registered qualified professionals to ensure approval from the authorities is in place before work begins on building the structures.

They must understand that if there is no approval, they can be asked by the authorities to remove the structures built.

Contractors must also play their part in making sure that approval is obtained before works are carried out.

All guidelines given by the authorities must be followed. Home owners, if unsure, can refer to the Urban Redevelopment Authority's residential handbooks for guidelines.

We look forward to seeing a collaborative approach to building projects from all parties and registered qualified professionals involved.

Ian Teo
Micro Builders Association, Singapore

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