Forum: Constant reminders on safe practices are needed

The high number of daily Covid-19 cases is making me wonder if the safe management measures are good enough.

I see people checking in and out of places using TraceTogether, and maintaining 1m social distancing as much as possible. There are also safe distancing ambassadors almost everywhere. Singapore has generally done well.

At the same time, I have also noticed a fair number of people who do not use their mask properly, do not cover their nose or mouth, remove their mask when talking or walking and smoking, or talk in lifts, buses, trains or the toilet.

These bad habits provide opportunities for the virus to spread in public spaces.

We need to constantly educate people on proper mask wearing, frequent hand washing and refraining from talking in confined and crowded spaces. We also need to cultivate such habits in schools.

This will help ensure that we can live safely with Covid-19.

Alex Toh

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