Forum: Consider lighthouses' safety and access aspects for tourists

The Singapore Maritime Heritage Interest Group asking the authorities to consider nominating Horsburgh Lighthouse and Raffles Lighthouse as world heritage sites surprised me (Nominate lighthouses as world heritage sites, June 24).

I wonder if it has considered how accessible the lighthouses are, and if it is safe to visit them.

First, there are strong currents near both lighthouses. During the monsoon season, the sea is also very choppy.

Besides the issue of access, there is also the problem of space - the islands on which the lighthouses are located are too small to accommodate hundreds of visitors.

Moreover, the lighthouses are located in the open sea and in remote areas. Thus they may face the risk of attack by pirates from neighbouring countries.

I am sure Singapore cannot afford to have its reputation tarnished as a tourist destination due to poor facilities and if any accidents should occur while tourists visit these lighthouses.

By visiting Singapore, tourists have already visited one of the oldest and busiest trading ports in the world.

What we need is to provide safe and enjoyable activities for tourists here, so they will have good memories to bring home.

Harry Ong Heng Poh

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