Forum: Consider COE rebates for families with disability needs

I have an autistic adult son who has attacked me on a public bus because of a sudden meltdown.

Even if I try to take the bus earlier to avoid the crowds, there is still the risk of meltdowns. Taking a taxi or private-hire car is also worrying, as my son may kick or bite the seat, sparking complaints from the driver.

For families like mine with special needs members, owning a car is a necessity to move around in Singapore, not a luxury.

I believe families with members with mobility issues also face their own difficulties with public transport.

The current certificate of entitlement bidding system prices car ownership solely based on COE supply and affordability, and does not consider a household's need to own a car.

Can the current COE system be changed to issue rebates or set a fixed-price COE for first-car ownership for households with such disability needs? If need be, they can furnish medical reports to justify their case.

Chia Su-Yee

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