Forum: Condo residents' social responsibility is paramount

We refer to the letters "Condo managing agent not enforcing rules on masks" (May 22) and "Condo residents flouting mask-wearing rule near pool" (May 18).

The Association of Strata Managers recognises the role of managing agents in enforcing safe management measures in the estates we manage, particularly the common property. Our member firms are constantly updating these measures through physical measures, education and communication with the residents on these measures. Where required, facilities are closed and secured within the limits allowed under the different phases.

However, for these safety measures to be effectively implemented, the management corporations would need stakeholders of the estate, including the residents, to cooperate.

Manpower deployment and resources may be limited and different across different estates. This cooperation is especially necessary in estates that do not have security or site staff physically present.

Residents can document the details (for example, time and location, and include photos or videos) of any reported breach and submit them to the managing agents or the Building and Construction Authority directly.

The association believes that social responsibility of residents should be paramount in this fight against the pandemic. No amount of enforcement can be better than residents and visitors to the estate being civic-minded enough to observe the safe management measures and to encourage others to do so, too.

We welcome residents to contact and provide feedback to our association on how we can further improve our managing agents' approach in the fight against the pandemic. Together, we can get through this pandemic.

Seeto Kin Meng


Association of Strata Managers

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