Forum: Concerned about giving default copyright to wedding photographers

The changes to the Copyright Act seem to be counter-intuitive (Law to give photographers rights to their work by default, Sept 14).

Weddings are events of huge personal and emotional significance to the wedding party. However, to the photographer who captured the event, there is likely less emotional attachment.

Copyright can be negotiated to be transferred to the wedding couple through a written agreement. But in cases of couples who neglect to do this, conflicts might arise, such as couples getting sued for sharing their wedding photos and videos on social media or among friends.

If one day a photographer finds a particular couple's wedding photos to suddenly have enormous commercial value - say if one or both of them become famous - would it be fair for the photographer to profit from selling the images? Would he need consent from the couple?

There are other potential sticky situations that could arise related to privacy.

The granting of default rights ownership for wedding photos and videos to the photographer raises concerns.

I feel the intent of this initiative is not sufficiently explained.

Subramanian Venkataraman