Forum: Companies, drivers should work together to stop buses nearer to kerb

I refer to the letter, "Bus drivers should stop nearer to the kerb" (Feb 12).

I, too, have had to alight from buses by jumping to the kerb or stepping onto the road. I am fast approaching 70, and am afraid that my knees may suddenly give way one day while doing this.

I had raised this issue in a January 2016 letter. I have also written to the transport companies, which have responded by asking me to identify the bus service number involved. But this occurs too frequently, and it is not feasible for me to keep writing in with those details.

In November, it was reported that after a bus captain closed the door on a senior who was alighting, causing her to fall, SBS Transit took disciplinary action against him.

Instead of holding bus captains solely responsible for such incidents and meting out disciplinary action, bus companies should get feedback from bus captains to understand the problems they face.

If many bus captains have difficulty stopping buses near the kerb, then the bus companies should work with them to overcome the issue.

Chan Lai Chun

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