Forum: CNY traditions have profound significance to older generation

Our Chinese New Year traditions, which are observed once a year, are a part of Singapore Chinese heritage (Chinese New Year ‘market rates’ and giving hongbao after you marry: Time to update traditions?, Jan 15). They have profound cultural significance to our older generation.

Beyond the monetary token, the giving of physical hongbao is a celebratory tradition that touches and connects generations. That’s how we seniors feel. While it is now considered environmentally unfriendly (Give digital red packets or fit-for-gifting notes this CNY to avoid harming the environment, Dec 6, 2022), the practice happens only once a year.

Who knows how long these Chinese New Year traditions will live on in the modern world. For now, spare a thought for the older generation in upholding the value of these traditions.

Chow Kok Fai

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