Forum: Cleanliness of hawker centre toilets needs to be improved

I refer to the letter by the Public Hygiene Council (Hawker centres: No letting up on drive to cultivate cleanliness culture, Dec 31).

The council says it has worked hard to educate a wide spectrum of society on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in public spaces. But what are the real impact and outcomes?

We need to know what the council has delivered and why toilets in hawker centres and coffee shops are still some of the dirtiest in Singapore.

The council states on its website that it was formed in 2011 "to promote good hygiene practices and to improve personal and public hygiene standards in Singapore".

"The council, comprising representatives from multiple sectors, works to strengthen and coordinate community efforts to improve the cleanliness and hygiene standards in Singapore".

Among the council members is the chairman of the Foochow Coffee Restaurant and Bar Merchants Association.

Why is the council unable to improve the cleanliness of toilets in hawker centres and coffee shops despite having such distinguished members?

The users of hawker centres and coffee shops are the same as those of shopping centres.

I would like to understand why those toilets still fall short of expected standards in hygiene.

Jack Sim


World Toilet Organisation

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