Forum: Clamp down on taxi and private-hire car drivers who smoke in their vehicles

I would like to highlight the bad practice of some taxi and private-hire car drivers who smoke in their vehicles, in contravention of smoking laws.

My family regularly book GrabFamily rides as we have a young child with us, and have encountered this problem numerous times - about three or four times out of 10.

It is unacceptable for these drivers to be smoking in their vehicles before picking us up, especially as they are offering a service that caters to children. The air in a vehicle after a driver has smoked is not fit for breathing.

Such behaviour has inconvenienced us and wasted our time as we would end up having to reject that vehicle and wait for another one, causing us to be late for our events.

The authorities must look into this issue to ensure that the health of passengers, especially children, is protected.

The laws have to be tightened so that drivers who commit such acts and their taxi and private-hire car companies are penalised.

Lee Keng Yeow

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