Forum: Choose more humane solutions other than culling wild boars

The culling of wild boars in Singapore is too extreme a measure (Option of culling wild boars has been too readily dismissed; Wildlife important, but protect humans and property too, both March 1).

I have two suggestions.

First, the National Parks Board should arrange mass spaying or neutering of the wild boars. This way, we can effectively stem the procreation of wild boars here in a humane way.

Second, in the case of the Singapore Island Country Club, where wild boars damaged the fairways, the management could consider installing electrified perimeter fencing bordering its compounds.

Alternatively, sensors could be installed at intervals along the entire stretch of fencing. The sensors would detect the presence of wild boars and trigger an alarm to scare them away.

We must seek other ways to prevent dangerous wildlife-human encounters. Culling should be adopted only as a last resort when all else fails.

Teo Kok Seah

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