Forum: Chinatown still crowded despite lack of bazaar

Over the weekend, I pounded the streets of Chinatown.

I explored Mosque Street, Pagoda Street, Temple Street, Smith Street and Sago Street. I was under the impression these places would be rather quiet, considering that the annual Chinatown bazaar has been cancelled.

To my surprise, there was a flurry of commercial activity there, especially in Pagoda, Temple and Smith streets, where there were many of what appeared to be temporary sheds or shelters erected, fronting the five-foot way of shophouses.

Endless streams of people - mostly locals - thronged these stalls selling products ranging from watermelon seeds and barbecued pork to fruits and Chinese New Year decor.

There was a palpable sense of festivity in these places.

One would therefore be forgiven for thinking that the whole set-up was that of a Chinese New Year Chinatown bazaar.

While I am happy to enjoy these festivities, which are not unlike those in previous years, I am concerned about the masses of people there.

These places were very crowded, with people walking shoulder to shoulder and not practising safe distancing.

Given the recent reports of community Covid-19 cases, shouldn't the authorities do something about this state of affairs now, before the situation spirals out of control?

Teo Kok Seah