Forum: Children treated library like a playground

I refer to the letter, "Let library users report misbehaviour" (Aug 19).

My last visit to the National Library at the old Stamford Road building was decades ago, but I remember the whole place was quiet. People whispered if they had to speak.

However, my recent visit to the children's section at the library in HarbourFront was a shocking experience.

The noise generated from children playing and running about, and the screaming from their parents, made the place seem more like a playground.

Some mothers were happily recording videos of their toddlers pushing down books that had been placed neatly on the shelves.

Children were running away with books picked up from shelves and leaving them wherever they ended up at.

Parents who were trying to read to their children were clearly distracted by the misbehaviour around them.

There were general announcements made over the public address system for parents to attend to their children and to read to them softly. These had no impact.

Such shameful and inconsiderate acts must be corrected and stopped.

Parents should manage their children and teach them how to behave at a public library.

Ee Buay Sang

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