Forum: Children should look after parents no matter what

I have reservations about the points expressed by Straits Times political correspondent Yuen Sin (Filial piety norms: Caught between two worlds, April 25).

She argued that the shifting of expectations of filial piety norms across generations is a good thing.

My wife and I belong to the Merdeka Generation. We have two married millennial children living on their own. We get very little financial support from them.

We live in a two-room flexi flat and rely on monthly Central Provident Fund payouts and government grants for our livelihood.

My wife and I are still quite healthy and able to take care of each other.

We wonder what will happen to us when we are very old and sick, and not able to take care of ourselves physically and financially.

I have mentioned these worries to my two daughters, and hope that they will help us when such a time comes.

The traditional norm of filial piety is to take care of your parents no matter what.

This is why there are laws in place to allow parents to claim financial support from their children.

I respect Ms Yuen's views and her own expectations.

But I also hope members of the younger generation analyse their own circumstances and make adjustments as needed to show filial piety to their own parents.

Ng Choon Lai

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