Forum: Charge more for disposables to get people to use their own containers

With the current ban on dining in, I have noticed more disposables being used at eateries (Discarded disposables enough to fill 400 Olympic-sized pools, May 30). This will generate more waste.

I assume that since many customers are working from home, they would have set off from their house to the food centre and are likely to take the food back home to consume.

I wonder why they do not take along a reusable container to pack their food.

Also, I have noticed that hawkers pack disposable utensils by default, even when customers do not ask for them.

The "bring your own container" initiative has been going on for a while, yet has failed to deliver notable results.

Perhaps hawkers should increase the amount charged for disposables. I suggest $1 for each container and 50 cents per set of cutlery taken, as customers seem to no longer feel the pinch when paying 20 to 30 cents for them.

The National Environment Agency should standardise a rate throughout all its hawker centres.

Chong Jia Yun

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