Forum: CDC voucher scheme needs to be more convenient for businesses and consumers

Among the support measures announced in Budget 2022 is another round of Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers for every Singaporean household.

While the intention of the CDC vouchers - to keep heartland businesses afloat and boost the economy - is a good one, the way they have been implemented makes them less useful than intended.

Since receiving my vouchers many months ago, I have not been able to use a single one.

Most of the stalls in the hawker centre I visit frequently chose not to participate. When I asked some of the stallholders why, they told me that it was because it took them a long time to be reimbursed by the government agency in charge of a similar scheme a few years back.

And at a few stalls that are listed as participants, when I tried to use the vouchers, they either gave me the excuse that the person holding the mobile phone with the relevant app was not at the stall at the time, or told me outright that they actually don't accept the vouchers. I faced a similar situation when I tried to use the vouchers at other neighbourhood shops in the area.

Therefore, I suggest that the scheme be reviewed to make it more convenient for both businesses and consumers.

Luo Siao Ping

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