Forum: Campaign reminds people to stay alert against scam calls

We thank Mr Jonathan Boon for his feedback (Make telcos verify legitimacy of phone numbers to tackle spoof calls, Nov 19).

Mr Boon is right in saying that blocking spoofed numbers altogether may result in legitimate calls being blocked as well.

In Singapore, most scam robocalls originate overseas. The Stir/Shaken authentication solution that Mr Boon refers to will not work when spoofed calls are generated from overseas networks.

Singtel continues to fight scams on several fronts to reduce scam calls and encourage customers to stay vigilant against scams.

To help Singaporeans recognise scams, Singtel recently launched a campaign titled "Jaga your data", comprising three short films to remind everyone to stay watchful to avoid falling prey to scams.

The campaign builds on our ongoing efforts to mitigate scams such as issuing regular scam advisories warning the public of the latest scam call variants, and implementing a proprietary fraud management system that uses analytics to block scam calls.

Candy Chua

Vice-President, Consumer Operations

Consumer Singapore


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