Forum: Cameras deployed in tunnels to deter speeding in accident-prone areas

We refer to Mr Leon Lui Yuen Leung's letter (Speeding and road bullies unchecked in expressway tunnels, Jan 18).

Mr Lui suggested that portable or handheld speed-detecting cameras be set up to complement existing cameras in road tunnels.

Speed enforcement cameras are deployed at fixed locations within the tunnels and intentionally painted with bright orange stripes to alert motorists to their presence.

This deters motorists from speeding in accident-prone areas. It is not feasible to deploy officers for speed enforcement operations within tunnels using portable or handheld speed-detecting cameras due to safety concerns.

The Traffic Police have introduced the Average Speed Camera (ASC) system to address the problem of motorists who speed up after passing a fixed speed enforcement camera.

The ASC system uses cameras at the entrance and exit of the enforcement zone to detect and compute the average speed of a vehicle while it is travelling in the zone. If the average speed exceeds the speed limit of the road or vehicle, the motorist will be liable for the offence of speeding. The ASC system is currently implemented along Tanah Merah Coast Road, and there are plans to roll it out at more locations.

Mr Lui also suggested that motorists be allowed to submit video recordings of tailgating road bullies.

Motorists who have witnessed traffic violations can submit their feedback and video recordings to the Traffic Police through the Feedback on Road Users e-services portal on the Singapore Police Force website at

Tan Mei Fer

Assistant Director (Public Communications Division)

Public Affairs Department

Singapore Police Force

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