Forum: Cabbies should not be held responsible for passengers’ carelessness

Cabbies and private-hire drivers should not be given the added responsibility of checking their vehicles for belongings left behind by careless passengers (LTA to look into rule requiring cabbies to search vehicles for lost items, Nov 29).

These drivers already have their hands full. In addition to ensuring a safe ride for their passengers, they need to monitor apps, secure bookings and locate passengers at busy pick-up points, with the added stress of passengers not turning up.

Passengers should learn to be accountable for their own carelessness, and drivers who are just trying to earn a living should not be unnecessarily burdened.

If the item is picked up by another passenger before it could be found and returned to the owner, the driver would then have to spend time to deal with the matter.

Perhaps the Land Transport Authority should ask passengers who leave items behind to reimburse drivers who find the lost items and take the time to return them.

Harry Ong Heng Poh

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