Forum: Businesses asking for more personal data than seems necessary

I recently contacted insurers to obtain a quote for my vehicle insurance for comparison purposes.

All the insurers asked me to provide my full name, vehicle number, NRIC number, date of birth, marital status, driving test passing date, occupation, any claims made and current no-claim discount.

Does the insurer really need all this information just for a quote?

I would think that year of birth, last four digits of NRIC number, years of driving and general category that my occupation falls in should suffice.

This information, together with the vehicle information, should be enough just for a quote. It alarms me that I have to give so much information.

Separately, a visit to many spas still requires me to provide detailed personal information. Spas tell me they are required to do so by law as they provide massage services. But if I am having only a facial, why do I need to give detailed personal data?

I am not sure if these organisations are really required to collect the information, and fear that they may not have the level of security needed to protect my personal data.

Given the risk of cyber breaches, greater care must be taken in protecting personal information.

Maureen Koh

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