Forum: Bus drivers should stop nearer to the kerb

I refer to the article, "360 bus stops to be made more senior-friendly" (Feb 10). These improvements are a significant step forward.

I would like to highlight another issue. Over the years, I have seen buses stop too far away from the kerb at bus stops.

As a result, passengers cannot step directly from the bus to the kerb. They have to either first step onto the road and then onto the kerb, or jump across the gap between the bus and the kerb.

The latter could be dangerous for seniors, who might fall and hurt themselves making that jump.

I have made that jump from bus to kerb many times in the past, but now that I am past the age of 60, I don't think I should be doing that any more in case I lose my balance and fall.

Thus, I suggest that bus captains stop their vehicles closer to the kerb at bus stops so that passengers do not have to take any risks when they alight.

Teo Pek Ean

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